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A water, gas or sewage leak in your home can lead to costly damage and unhealthy living conditions if not detected and repaired as quickly as possible.
The Pros at Leak Point can provide you with the easiest and most cost effective solutions available to help you protect your home and family from leak damage.
With our State-of the-Art  “Non-Invasive” Electronic Detection system, we can locate any leak in any pool or spa, quickly, easily and efficiently.

Swimming Pool and Spa Leak Detection
Some of the pool and spa issues we found and repaired immediately include:
All Under Deck Piping Grout Joints Skimmer Leaks Jet Leaks Light Leaks Plaster Cracks

Signs Your Pool or Spa May Have A Leak
You’re adding more chemicals than usual
You’re seeing an increase in your water bill
Unexplained puddles of water outside the pool or spa area
Sinking or shifting of your pool deck
An excessive amount of air in the system
You begin to see cracks in the finish

If you have had any of these symptoms with your pool or spa, you need to call Leak Point right away. Call toll free 866 795 5325

Concrete Slab Leaks
The presence of a leak under the foundation of your home may present a condition which could possibly be hazardous to both the structure and to the health of your family.  It is advisable for you to detect and repair this leak as quickly as possible. The long term damage caused by an unattended slab leak is far more costly than the process of detecting and repairing them.

Signs You May Have A Slab Leak
You hear the sound of running water but can’t locate the source
You see a lot of cracks in the floors and walls of your home
You discover your floor is wet or has unexplained mildew in the carpeting
You feel a “hot-spot” in the floor under your feet
You’re experiencing excessive utility bills (Gas & Water)

Often times, when inside the home, what appears to be a slab leak, may actually be a leak behind the wall.
Your Leak Point Specialist will be able to detect the exact location of the leak and effectively repair it.

Sewers and Drains
Now, here is a less than enjoyable experience for the whole family!  There’s nothing better to start a new day or end a busy one, than with the odor of foul sewage stench.

If you’re experiencing this situation, congratulations, you’ve already “detected” a problem.  The next step is to call us. We’ll discover the location, the source of the problem and repair it immediately.

Your Home May Be Experiencing:

Blocked Drain Traps
An improperly insulated or broken vent pipe
A backed-up sewer line
Overgrown landscaping with roots clogging the pipes

To help discover the source of the problem, Leak Point incorporates one of our many solutions including:

Electronic Video Inspection with recording capabilities to locate problems such as root blockages and deteriorated piping.
Liquid Smoke Test - This is used to help locate sewer odors and provides an economical and efficient method of revealing cracks, breaks, bad seals, dry traps and faulty joints that may allow water damage to the structure.
Septic Tank locating - Our electronic locating equipment can find your septic tank, seepage pit, leech line, leech field or cesspool. This eliminates unnecessary excavation to your landscaping

Gas Leaks

A gas leak situation must be taken seriously.  An undetected gas leak may cause a dangerous build-up of gas which could cause fire or explosion.  Thanks to our electronic leak-detection system, gas leaks are actually very easy to find and repair. 

Because of the hazards associated with gas leaks we offer Same Day Gas Leak Detection and Repair for all our service areas in Las Vegas, southern Nevada and California.

What To Do If You Suspect A Gas Leak:

Leave the area immediately
Warn others to stay away
From a safe location, away from the immediate area, call for assistance

Additional Safety Tips When You Smell Gas:

Do not attempt to turn natural gas valves on or off
Do not turn on or off any electric switch; this could cause a spark and ignite the gas
Do not use your telephone, cell phone, garage door opener or even a flashlight
Do not smoke, strike a match or use a lighter
Do not start nearby vehicles or machinery

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