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Leak Point Is The True Professional of Utility Location

The Leak Point “Non Intrusive” Electronic Leak Detection system is able to discover and map the exact location of all your utility lines. Because our solution is “Non Intrusive”, we can guarantee that absolutely no unnecessary damage will come to your property. We don’t dig until we know the location of your leak!

Not even the most well concealed or hidden utilities can escape our discovery process, including:

Water, Gas and Sewer Lines
Septic lines
Irrigation lines
Communication and Electric lines

Leak Surveys Help To Reduce Costs

If you’re looking for the best ways to help reduce the cost of repairs, contamination and water-waste generating water ,then you should contact us today and request a Water Distribution Leak Survey.

We’ll help you discover:

How to reduce non-revenue water usage.
Reduce your cost of repairs
How to reduce your liability
How to avoid or eliminate contamination in the system

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